Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about dental implants:
Am I healthy enough for Dental Implants
This is a common question that is asked often. What we recommend is to set up your no obligation free implant consultation so our trained doctor can diagnose your course of treatment. During your exam, Dr. Qadeer will be able to discuss what type of implants would work best for you.
How long do implants last?
Based on years of long term research, you can expect your implants to typical last a life time with proper care and oral hygiene. However, if proper care is not taken, sometimes the implants can fail and would require another new implant to be placed.
Can my body reject the implant?
Most of implants that are placed are very succesful, however rejection could sometime occur in small cases. Unlike organ transplants, dental implants are placed directly into the bone which in turn, gives the patient a very high success rate. However the most important factor in the success of implants has to do with proper care and oral hygiene.
How do implants attach to the jaw?
Your implants attach to your jaw bone by a process knows osseo-integration. The length of time required for this process varies with the quality of bone that is present at the base of the implant.
How much pain can I expect to experience?
When implants are paced, there is almost no pain at all. Usually the doctor would apply local anesthetics to ease the pain. Your pain is determined by the number of implants placed and the location of the implant in your mouth.
Do implants require special care?
Your implants require the same care as you would normally apply to your normal teeth. With proper flossing and brushing, your implants will be sure to last a lifetime.



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